New market data provider has been implemented and other fixes

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Recently, our market data provider, Nomics, was sunsetted and is shutting down by the end of March. We’ve recently been working with and have successfully implemented Coingecko as our newest market data provider with even more granular pricing data points that we infuse into our CEX and blockchain data when a user connects their account via Hatchfi Link.

  • Fixes for the Ubertax demo have been implemented that caused CSV to auto-generate prior to the generation button being selected

  • Issue with Kraken balances has been fixed

  • Updated our documentation to now include How to connect to multiple providers within a single Hatchfi Link session

  • Pagination improvements

  • Avax endpoint has been updated to a new provider

  • The Arbitrum endpoint now supports internal transactions

  • Binance is under testing and will be redeployed in the coming weeks

  • A new use case has been added for digital insurance on our site - check it out here

  • Hatchfi invoice getting ready for deployment into production - testing to be completed by next week


Hatchfi API Pagination


We’re excited to announce that pagination has been added to the Hatchfi API for account transactions! This change has already taken effect, and you’ll notice a hard limit of 1,500 transactions being returned per account.

A few of our customers have been excluded from these limits for the time being as they transition to the pagination methods. If you need some time to transition, please reach out to us at

You can read our documentation here:


Stellar & Cronos

New Provider IntegrationsMinor Change

We’re thrilled to annouce that we’ve added Stellar and Cronos as integrations. Both of these providers offer the same support as our others: Balances and Transactions.

In the works:

We have a few integrations planned in the upcoming weeks, such as Bitflyer and Gnosis.

Minor Changes

We’ve had a few minor changes to some endpoints and providers.

Minor Changes, Improvements, and Stellar

ImprovementsMinor Change

We’re happy to announce that we’re close to completing our integration with Stellar and starting work on Bitflyer.

Changes and Improvements

  • Improved link endpoints for better connecting times

  • Added internal transactions to

    • Polygon

    • Optimism

    • Binance Smart Chain

  • Updates to our Tron endpoint

  • Fixes made to our KuCoin endpoint

A few things in the background…

We’ve been working on a few projects that have yet to be announced but are being piloted by a few of our early customers.

Ethereum Updates & Gnosis Integration

ImprovementsMinor Change

We’ve updated our Ethereum integration to support multi-part transactions better. This means that we’ll be able to get normal transactions, internal transactions, and erc20 transfer events and combine them into a full picture.

This support will be coming to other EVM providers next week.

We’ve started working on a Gnosis integration. We’re trying something new with this integration, so it’s a new challenge for us, but when it’s released, we’re excited for you all to try it out. Added


We’ve added support for - as usual, our support for exchanges includes:
- Balances
- Trades
- Withdrawals
- Deposits

Due to some limitations in the API, we’re unable to support this provider entirely without using CSVs, so we added CSV uploading support to Hatchfi Link for supported providers, currently only

Bitstamp Exchange & Docs Updates

New Provider IntegrationsDocumentation

With today’s release, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added full support for the Bitstamp exchange.

You can expect your users to enter their API credentials, including an API Key and Secret Key.

You’ll be able to query the following:
- Deposits
- Withdrawals
- Trades, both simple and advanced

On another note, we’ve added our provider’s endpoints to our docs API references.

End of Year Changes and Improvements

ImprovementsMinor ChangeProviders

Happy new year folks!

At Hatchfi, we took the end of the year to clean up and improve some of our existing endpoints and integrations to ensure we’re providing essential data from exchanges and chains.

Notable Changes rework - with Binance removing API access from the US and other restricted countries, we’ve had to rework how we handle these kinds of integrations entirely.

KuCoin Improvements - we fixed some issues where the KuCoin API wouldn't query stablecoin swaps or simple trades. staking - we added staking transactions so that you can track your users staked assets on Binance US

Better Market Data - we’ve reached the point where our usage was too great for our market data provider to keep up. With their support, we’ve started to store four years of the top crypto mover’s historical data at an hourly rate to ensure we can keep up with the growth of our API.

Minor Updates

We’ve transitioned our development and production environments to a new hosting service. was built and is accessible for all folks who want to try Hatchfi out in the wild or generate a FREE CSV of your crypto transactions. is a fun weekend project that we worked on during thanksgiving and Christmas break. It’s an all-in-one bio tool that combines your social life with your web3 life. Claim your handle and share it with your friends!

Binance US Staking and Coinmetro

ImprovementsNew Provider Integrations

Hey folks, we’re excited to announce that Coinmetro has been added to our provider’s list. We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ve added support for Binance US Staking.


Coinmetro is an excellent exchange that supports customers in Europe and the United States. We’ve added full support for it:

  • Balances

  • Transactions

  • Withdrawals, both Fiat and Crypto

  • Deposits, both Fiat and Crypto

Binance US Staking

Binance US is one of the largest exchanges in the United States, and after multiple requests to support staking transactions, we’re happy to update you all that it’s live!

ERC-20 Transaction Support for Polygon

ImprovementsMinor Change

We’ve had some requests for ERC-20 support for our compatible EVM providers, so we’re working on this in the coming weeks. Today, we’re happy to announce ERC-20 support for Polygon.

Up Next

In the coming weeks, we’re targeting support for ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 across some of our EVM-compatible chains.

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Optimism

  • Celo